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    Social media Usage in Hong Kong – Statistics and Trends

    May 16, 2015

    Today, Hong Kong can boast of two things in addition to the rest of its successes – amazing internet speeds and unbelievable percentage of smartphone penetration.  96% of Hong Kong smartphone users browse the net on their smartphones while on the move. This is literally the highest rate of mobile internet usage in Asia.Needless to say, social media is the talk of the day, with penetration rates at around 64%. FaceBook, WhatsApp and Weibo top the list, while others are not far behind. Check out the latest social media usage stats for Hong Kong in the following infographic, “Social media Usage in Hong Kong – Statistics and Trends”
    Social Media Hong Kong

    Infographic by GO Globe web design Hong Kong Company

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    Average time spent on social media through any device: 110 Minutes

    Active social media accounts (percentage of total population): 64%

    Social Media Usage By Language

    Language %age
    Traditional Chinese ( HK) 36%
    English 29%
    Traditional Chinese ( Taiwan) 27%
    Simplified Chinese 8%

    96% of Hong Kong’s smartphone users browse the internet daily on their smartphones; this is the highest rate in Asia.

    The estimated number of Facebook users in Hong Kong is 4.4 million, which is more than 50% of HK’s population.

    More than 3.1 million people log on to Facebook every day, with users spending an average of 30 minutes during each visit.

    The average internet user in Hong Kong watches more than 147 online videos per month, which averages to 12 hours of online video streaming every month!

    Top Active Social Media Platforms

    Platform %age
    WhatsApp 41%
    FaceBook 33%
    FaceBook Messenger 23%
    WeChat 23%
    Line 14%
    Skype 13%
    Google+ 12%
    Instagram 11%
    Twitter 10%
    Sina Weibo 6%

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