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    Shopping Apps Usage – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

    January 8, 2018

    Did you know that on average there are 4.2 shopping Apps per smartphone user and 72% of consumers think that mobile shopping apps make shopping easier. Check out our infographic on “Shopping Apps Usage” to know more about the rising use of shopping apps and latest shopping apps statistics and trends.

    Shopping apps usage - Statistics and Trends

    Infographic by GO-Globe Web Design Company Hong Kong

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    72% of consumers think that mobile apps make shopping easier

    Estimated number of average Shopping Apps per Smartphone user  – 4.2

    58% of respondents had used a shopping app in the previous month

    49% of shopping app users use apps to access discounts or special offers while 37% of folks said they will download a shopping app expressly to make a purchase

    58% of millennials say they used apps more often than the mobile web

    71% of those who have used retail apps said that they enjoy shopping using mobile apps.

    57% of them said they shop using mobile apps regularly. And 46% said that they are actually more likely to shop using mobile apps than they are to shop online.

    How Consumers Perform Shopping Related Activities on Smartphone

    Shopping ActivitiesMobile AppMobile Web
    Locate Store or Check Store hours45%66%
    Read customer product reviews31%50%
    Compare prices28%45%
    Purchase Product30%43%
    Check status of Order30%40%
    Find Coupon Code33%39%
    Check product availability online28%37%
    Check product availability in-store26%34%
    Redeem a coupon or coupon code28%30%
    Learn about in-store promotion or event23%26%
    Use a store-valued card on my phone19%12%
    Pay for product in a store7%7%

    Why Consumers Prefer Mobile Apps Over Browsers

    It’s more convenient63%
    It’s Faster57%
    My settings are stored40%
    Benefits/Rewards for using it31%
    More personalized content21%
    Better Deals20%
    Can do more things14%
    More entertaining5%

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