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    E-Commerce &
    Corporate Solutions

    Because of the advancement of the economy, e-commerce enables even the smallest scale of businesses to gain audience worldwide with its product or service at little cost. E-Shops are available every time, every day of the year.

    Walmart which is known as the world’s largest retailer makes about one billion dollars in sales every day. They could not foresee the rising trend of Internet business. GO-Globe gives effective e-commerce and corporate solutions for all kinds of companies no matter how little or big.

    Typical E-Commerce Modules

    • Shopping Cart
    • Membership Management
    • Bank & Payment Gateway Integration
    • Catalogue & Product Management
    • Custom Search
    • Printable Invoice
    • Shipping
    • Tax

    Why E-commerce? Buyer’s Advantages

    • Reduction in buyer’s sorting out time
    • Better decisions on buying
    • Less time spent resolving invoice & order discrepancies
    • Increased opportunities for buying alternative products

    Web Portals Development

    One area of accessibility for information to make precise and fast business decisions. Navigation in the web portal is user-friendly, interactive and functional. Business efficiency, fast-paced deployment, efficient collaboration, and increased security are some of the benefits to web portals.

    Benefits of web portals

    • Anywhere, anytime access
    • Multiple access & Multitasking support
    • Portal members access only
    • Improved communication
    • Easy user customization
    • Instant notifications & Actions
    • Easy community connection
    • Dynamic content changes
    • Secure access point, and many others

    Leads Management & ERP

    To get the lead info and transform them into faithful clients, a systematic and well-arranged leads management system is required. Integration with ERP is possible or can be utilized as an individual lead management module.

    The aim of ERP is making the process effective and efficient by combining all the software and applications used by the company. All the company departments updates are done in real time. helped by the Integrated ERP software.

    Benefits of the ERP and lead management system are the following; it helps in establishing instant contact with your customers, it enables you to showcase your expertise in the field to your customers, and lets you be in regular communication with your customers.

    Magento Based Development

    Magento is a system with which we can create and update online business or E-Commerce business. An expert team of GO-Globe is assigned to the building, supporting and improving all Magento based developments.

    • Exchanging large data volume
    • Sharing product catalogs
    • Collaboration with other companies
    • Sharing information with partners, and many more

    Any queries? We are eager to boost your profit!