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    Custom Development &
    Custom Web Design

    "Custom" in other words means providing a service according to the personally specified order of the client. Do you want your business to achieve the best results? We can help you make that by customizing your project from every aspect, start to finish. The necessary vital factors include efficiency, uniqueness, speed, security, scalability, flexibility, functionality optimization for your business.

    In modern E-business, Custom solutions are mostly more successful because, it begins in profound dissecting and understanding of your business, setting up the right methodology alongside the know-how, which will get you the ideal outcome. This will prompt greater achievement and benefit.

    Custom projects are more Cost effective, and they are also more secure, faster, less demanding and require less frequent changes.

    GO international development cycle includes:

    • Client Objectives
    • Available Resources
    • Idea Generation
    • Layout, Usability and Functionality
    • Project Mapping + Structure
    • Demo Corrections
    • Detailed Enhancements
    • Project Development
    • Testing
    • Quality Assurance
    • Deployment
    • Support and Promotion

    Core Business Web based Apps

    By using a URL, a web-based application can be accessed over a network, having the same similarities as websites. Web-based applications usually have a little piece of the program downloaded to an operator's computer.

    Most of the processing is done over the internet, via an external server. Web-based applications can also be called web-apps.

    Because of the improvement in the speed of internet, running back end business with the use of web apps remains one of the best ways to web apps.

    Today, we can boldly say that Web apps currently is the future of an unbeatable trend.

    Some of the web-based directions we specialize on include:

    • Intranet and Extranet
    • Web Application Interfaces
    • Web Portals
    • Social Network Applications
    • Custom Product Catalogs
    • Reservation Systems
    • Customer Relationship Management, and many more

    Mobile Design & Development

    According to statistics, the mobile revolution will have electrified more than 5 billion people till 2019. Smartphones have turned into the best sidekicks of purchasers to shop, explore, eat and pay. At GO-Globe it is our dream to deliver to our clients the best mobile app design and development services worldwide.

    It is our unique idea to strategize, design, and develop the work with the close coordinated effort with customers. That is because the satisfaction of a customer is our priority.

    Integration of mobile user, amplifying learner engagement, and lastly future proofing training content is one of the benefits of mobile development.

    Basically, at GO-Globe, we offer three types of mobile app development services, and they are Web Apps, Native Apps, and Hybrid.

    • Business Analysis & Consulting
    • User Experience Testing
    • Information architecture
    • SEO & Web Analytics
    • Logos, stationery design, and many more

    Web Apps

    The set goal for web apps is gaining a targeted audience of multiple platforms from a single app. A web app runs effectively on browsers like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

    Some of the benefits of web apps are, No need for physical download, web-based software compatibility, and scalability.

    Why Web apps?

    • Intranet and Extranet
    • Web Application Interfaces
    • Web Portals
    • Social Network Applications
    • Custom Product Catalogs
    • Reservation Systems
    • Customer Relationship Management, and many more

    Native App Development

    For an improved client experience or focus on the large smartphone users, the native application best suits the objective. These applications require an application store like Google's play store or Apple's application store to install.

    Some benefits of native app development include quality and best performance, secure, more interactive and intuitive. It also allows developers to access the full feature set of devices and fewer bugs during the event.

    Why Native Apps?

    • Take storage space on user device
    • Broad functionalities using the device capabilities
    • Fast and responsive software performance
    • Encourages more user engagement
    • Gain user attention through push notifications
    • Suitable for any future extension
    • Quality assurance through app store ratings
    • Take advantage of new Apple and Android features

    Hybrid App Development

    If you want your customers to have a taste of native app experience on the web, means an app is developed for once, and after that, it is deployed on multiple device types. Some advantages of a hybrid app are enhancing the user experience, availability, speed, and easy integration.

    Why Hybrid Apps?

    • Can store locally but on server side
    • Can be distributed via app stores or search engines
    • Same user experience as of native app
    • Faster and low cost than native apps
    • Don’t need a web browser; instead run in a simplified
    • Browser within the app
    • Faster to deploy multiple times across multiple platforms
    • Full use of device features makes maintenance easier
    • Great for expansion and testing new features

    Content Management Platforms

    GO-Globe team specializes in the various types of content management platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Laravel. Based on your business need.

    Some of the benefits to content management platforms are: It is easy for anyone to use, it allows for multiple users, streaming line schedules, Content management improves site maintenance, it also helps change design and manages content.

    Why Native Apps?

    • Helps you easily manage whole website content from the comfort of your desk
    • Extendable functionality, through large number of plugins and extensions
    • Simple and easy to use, technical know-how isn’t required
    • Reduces unnecessary costs and time for simple site updates
    • Control what users can see and publish content in real-time

    Performance Optimization

    The process of working on a web page to make it as effective as possible. This can be achieved by streamlining content of the web page and adapting a sever to load a web page at a faster speed.

    Our specialists examine and analyses the performance issues from a server side and the client side to identify ways to enhance the working site.

    Compliance assurance increased access to accurate information, performance monitoring capabilities, and reduction in wastefulness are some of the significant benefits of performance optimization.

    Features used for an optimized performance include:

    • Making fewer HTTP requests
    • File compression for improving site responsiveness
    • Leveraging the browser cache
    • Minimize code using code minification
    • Reduce image sizes while maintaining quality
    • Adopt cloud-based website monitoring
    • Setting up of SSL certificate/ HTTPS
    • Database optimization by creating indexes for faster access

    Security and Hosting

    Secure hosting is crucial to fighting against viruses and unethical systems to ensure your website works smoothly. GO-Globe examines the clients that their website does not have infected data and the server is up and running immediately.

    Cheap cost operation, less staff, server monitoring, easy and speedy support, and progress is always backed up, and these are the advantages of security and hosting.

    Why Native Apps?

    • "99% up-time and uninterrupted email services
    • 24/7 monitoring with high-speed access to all internet up-links
    • Control panel with user-friendly applications
    • Secure email access from anywhere using POP/SMTP/IMAP or webmail
    • CSF/IP table based firewall technology

    Any queries? We are eager to boost your profit!