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Online Consumer Shopping Behavior in Hong Kong – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

February 5, 2018

Did you know that an An average Hong Kong Consumers Spends more than 24 hours a week on Internet. 88% of consumers in Hong Kong made at least one purchase online in last three months and  than four in 10 online consumers in Hong Kong have made purchases via their mobile devices in the last three months. Check out our infographic “Online Consumer Shopping Behavior in Hong Kong ” for latest statistics and trends about online shopping in Hong Kong.

Online Consumer Shopping Behavior in Hong Kong - Statistics and Trends

Infographic by GO-Globe Web Design Company Hong Kong

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Top factors that attract Hong Kong consumers to do Online Shopping

Waiving of Shipping / Delivery Fee54%
Convenience to shop anytime and anywhere40%
Special discounts38%
Online payments are more secure28%
Ability to purchase overseas33%
Simpler return/refund process24%
Better Customer Support17%
Availability of product tracking information18%
Accurate Delivery Time Estimate14%
Overnight Shipping12%
Ability to buy limited edition products14%

Top Reasons why Hong Kong Consumers decide not to buy Online

Do not trust quality of product37%
Product available at nearby Physical store36%
Shipping Costs36%
Need products/services immediately28%
Same day or next day delivery not available22%
Products/services out of stock17%
No local online retailers to buy from17%

Almost half of Hong Kong consumers now say they plan to make more purchases in the next two years via their mobile phones.

Top Online Shopping Categories For Hong Kong Consumers

Clothing / Accessories41.7%
Home appliances/ Electronic products30.2%
Online gaming29.3%

Top Online Shopping Festivals to Purchase Goods Online

Online Shopping Festival%age
Singles Day37%
Amazon Prime Day15%
Black Friday15%
Cyber Monday16%

Preferred Delivery Methods on Hong Kong Consumers

Delivery Method%age
Prefer delivery to home58%
Prefer delivery to designated location32%
Prefer delivery to closest convenient store26%
Prefer delivery to office21%
Prefer delivery pick up at brand store15%

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