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11 Hottest Hong Kong Startups to Look Out For

December 22, 2015

For many of you who think Hong Kong is a sea land lacking the industrious excitement of the world, on the contrary it is an island of absolute opportunity. Having almost every basic facility to initiate credibly any sort of startup, Hong Kong has begun attracting entrepreneurs from all around the globe. It has an army of skilled labor backed by high tech machinery, the fastest shipping and transportation systems up and running on locations that home the finest infrastructure built by man.

Hong Kong’s hottest startups are shaking their sectors with incredible exposure. Let’s see how they began and what do they have in store.


With a click of humble start from the CEO Steven and the co-founders Nick, Reeve, James, GoGoVan has a total funding of US$16.5M.It gives the best freight service with the help of their innovative app. Hong Kong has a slumber less market always on the look for business and a peer to peer platform for vans can never be neglected in a city where transportation means everything. With GoGoVans reach already expanding to Singapore, it is expected that it will make its debut soon in other global markets as well.


What is better than a service that makes you qualified for unbelievable discounts to your favorite hotels? Yes. The very famous business that Hong Kong takes pride of is HotelQuickly, an app that literally redefines online booking of hotels from all around the world. HQ has a funding total of US$5.63M and enjoys its coverage in 14 countries followed by 150, 000 registered users and more than 300,000 downloads. It covers more than 100 destinations offering hotel bookings in 300+ curated hotels.


It’s simple and effective. Every company needs a reliable picking, packing and shipping service for its merchandise, but EasyShip is the startup that streamlines all three in one company. Entrepreneurs Tommaso, Augustin and Reuben were bent to reduce the average shipping process for retailers with packages suitable for all budgets. This received so much support from the Hong Kong’s retail businesses that it sent it flares high up in the skies.


Another interesting startup gives you the ability to collect consumer photos and manage them until they are ready to be published whenever you please. Zingly was founded by Michael Tse in 2013 with the mission of assisting online business to expand their reach by utilizing consumer photos on social media platforms effectively. He did not only succeeded in doing so, but also managed to grab everyone attention about his new idea.


Why don’t you start your day with a breath of fresh air? This is all what is takes to innovate, contemplate and create. CEO Dustin Jefferson pioneered this very idea and established Uhoo in 2014 to spread the awareness about air pollution and how to fight it back. It helps individuals by educating them about healthy breathing and giving them resources to monitor local air quality for improvement. Everyone has their eyes on this startup by now.

Cash You

Consumers love managing their amounts online. But that too comes with a fee or even a visit to the brick and mortar bank in the city. Consumers had to rely on such tactics until the arrival of Cash You in April of 2014. It is an app that allows customers to transfer money to and through every major bank in Hong Kong without charging anything. It’s a very handy solution to online transfers especially when an you need to pay back an old friend without the hassle of getting the line of your bank. The company has scheduled to release its app in Hong Kong in the coming months.


Being another Hong Kong-based startup that deals in travel activities across Asia, Klook is a venture that simply does not seize to gain attention. Across the local community and the region, Klook presents several unique feature that every online user has longed to use. It provides a booking center for travelers that needs the right places to see or join. With fast and lag free service, users can make their tour plans at much lower prices than traditional travel firms. This startup has given the perfect solution to armchair travel planning across Asia in one platform.


According to WHO (World Health Organization), the cause of more than 2 million deaths is directly or indirectly associated with bad food. With chemical contamination and the spread of fatal diseases, bad food simply adds another ton of burden on the planet. Vitargent Biotechnology Ltd. is a technology start-up pioneered by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation with the mission to raise public awareness for Food Safety by whatever it takes. It mainly focuses on improving fish quality with extensive research and deep experimentation. The “transgenic medaka” and “zebrafish fish” embryo toxicity (FET) testing technologies are the first of its kind which earned this startup the Technological Achievement Award in Hong Kong Awards for Industries in 2014.


Norman Cheung is a graduate of the London School of , who after working in finance left the career and moved to Shanghai to join fashion e-commerce start-up Zooq. That is where the storage idea clicked and gave birth to Boxful. Being a private storage company that provides storage to all sorts of people, Boxful has managed to raise US$1.5 million in a seed funding round late last year. Boxful charges a monthly fee that can go upto HK$49 for a 60x40x36cm plastic crate that can holdthings up to 25 Kg in weight, or HK$89 for a much size friendly “wardrobe” box. Since its launch in January this year, Boxful has managed to store more than 2,000 boxes in the 2 warehouses it owns on Hong Kong Island.


Erected with the motto of creating products and services to reinvent the way people transfer and trade money, Gate Coin is no doubt the first digital currency financial institution that lives up to its promise. With this start up already giving optimum returns, Gatecoin plans to make international trades as well as cross-border money transfers of Bitcoin quicker and cost effective. It has already sold 15,000+ prepaid debit cards and is working on consumer level exchange.


Founded by the efforts of Venus Lee, Aedify was introduced to enhance and expand the learning environment for people of all ages with the main focus on students throughout Asia. So far, Aedify has incorporated new strategies and frames that are perfectly suited for specific age groups, such as a toddler to even an adult. This startup is so great that even though it mainly promotes education, it adds a technological edge for producing high quality learning techniques, personalized and appealing for all age groups.

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