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    Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem – Statistics and Trends

    November 2, 2016

    Did you know Hong Kong is the fifth fastest growing Eco-system globally and ranks 25th in the world? Hong Kong now has around 2,000 Startups and the estimated value of Hong Kong startup Ecosystem is $3.2 Billion USD. Check out our infographic on “Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem” for latest statistics and trends.

    Hong Kong startup Ecosystem

    Infographic by GO Globe Website Design Hong Kong

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    Estimated number of startups in Hongkong – 2,000+

    Estimated value of Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem – $3.2 Billion USD

    Hong Kong is the Fifth Fastest Growing Eco-System Globally and ranks the 25th in the world.

    Hong Kong ranks 40th worldwide on the Global Entrepreneurship Index.

    Startups Founder by Gender

      Gender %age
    Male 94%
    Female 6%

    Startup Distribution by Primary Target Users

     Target Users %age
    SMB 28%
    Enterprises 19%
    Government 5%
    Consumers 42%

    52% of Hong Kong Startups have issued options to their employees whereas only 28% of employees have gained prior startup experience.

    Average startup age of Hong Kong based founders is 30.4 Years whereas only 14% have already gained experience in hyper growth tech companies.

    Hong Kong Startups Distribution by Sector

      Sector %age
    Information and Technology 19%
    Hardware 14%
    Ecommerce 10%
    Professional services 9.5%
    Design 8.65%
    Education and Learning 7.26%
    Financial Technology 6%
    Healthcare 3%
    Data analytics 2.79%
    Gaming 2.72%
    Sustainable Technology 1.80%
    Others 15%

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