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    Expats in Hong Kong [Infographic]

    November 13, 2015

    Did you know expats account for 4.6% of the total population in Hong Kong and Indonesia accounts for 26.3% of expats in Hong Kong. Check out our new infographic Hongkong expats in numbers for  latest expat statistics and trends.

    Expats in Hong Kong

    Infographic by GO Globe GO Globe Web Design Hong Kong

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    Estimated Hong Kong Population – 7.188 Million

    %age of Expats by Nationality

    Nationality %age
    Indonesia 26.3%
    Philippines 18.3%
    China 14.0%
    France 4.3%
    South Korea 3.2%
    India 2.7%
    UK 2.7%
    Canada 2.1%
    Japan 1.9%
    Pakistan 1.8%
    Others 22.7%

    %age of expats by their working roles

    Roles %age
    Individual Workers 75%
    Corporate Transferees 3%
    Students 5%
    Retirees 5%
    Miscellaneous 11%

    %age of Expats by Age and Occupation

    By Gender

    Gender %age
    Male 53%
    Female 47%

    By Age

    Age %age
    18-34 38%
    35-54 52%
    55+ 10%

    By Occupation

    Occupation %age
    Banking, Insurance, Financial Services 45%
    Education 12%
    Marketing, Media, Creative 8%
    Others 35%

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