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Hong Kong Household Spending – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

November 13, 2015

Did you know the average monthly per capita expenditure among the young households was $10,565 in 2009/10, distinctly higher than other households ($6,927) by some 50%. Check out our infographic for Hong Kong household spending statistics and trends.

Hong Kong Household Spending

Infographic by GO Globe Hong Kong Web Design Company

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Household composition by type

Household compositionYoung householdsOther households
Single person33%11%
Head and spouse24%15%
Head, spouse and 1 child12%17%
Head, spouse and 2 children5%17%
Head, spouse, child and others11%12%

Average monthly per capita expenditure by commodity/service section by type

Commodity/ServiceYoung households %ageOther households %age
Electricity, gas and water2.1%3.0%
Alcoholic, drinks and tobacco0.6%0.6%
Clothing and Footwear5.1%3.9%
Durable goods4.6%4.0%
Miscellaneous goods5.0%4.2%
Miscellaneous services16.2%15.9%

According to Visa, The average age of the affluent in Hong Kong is 35, with an annual household income of around HK$990,510.