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    Digital News Consumption – Statistics and Trends

    February 8, 2017

    Did you know around 25% of advertising revenue from publicly traded newspapers came from Digital and more than nine in 10 men (93%) and women (92%) ages 25-44 who were online engaged with newspaper digital content. Check out our new infographic on “Digital News Consumption” for latest statistics and trends.

    Digital News Consumption Statistics

    Infographic by GO Gulf Web designing Company Bahrain

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    Newspaper Digital Audience by Platform Type

    Platform %age
    Mobile-Exclusive 50%
    PC (desktop/laptop) 27%
    Both PC and Mobile 23%

    Eight in 10 of the newspaper mobile audience use smartphones exclusively for access.

    51% of online news readers say they use social media as a source of news each week and around 12% say it is their main source.

    Online News Audience by Age

    Age %age
    18-24 88%
    25-34 87%
    35-44 84%
    45-54 80%
    55+ 77%

    28% of 18-24s now prefer social media as a news source compared to 24% prefer to TV news.

    Top Social Networks for News

     Social Network %age
    Facebook 44%
    Youtube 19%
    Twitter 10%
    WhatsApp 8%
    Google+ 5%

    36% of online news readers are happy for algorithms to select content based on previous activity, 57% worry this may mean they “miss key information.”

    55% of online news readers were concerned about missing “challenging viewpoints” and 48% expressed privacy concerns.

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