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A web project is a valuable investment that has to provide you ROI. GO-Globe Hong Kong has been entrusted by more than 500 business around the world to achieve that result since 2005.

Please review the below investment packages that are aimed towards strengthening your online presence and profit. We’re eager to provide further support and consultation should you require over your preferred communications method. (Telephone calls, meetings, WhatsApp, Wechat, Emails among more)


Both economical and still aimed to generate profit, business package is a web development best for small/medium corporates.

Package of choice for corporates who need to showcase their basics such as product and services, client portfolio, and contacts.  

Excellent international affordable option that drive profit.

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/ day)


Package that is designed best for e-commerce projects, multi user web applications, and other advanced web applications.

Ideal solution for projects with advanced features, web applications such as extranet, intranet, classifieds, payment gateways, leads management system and web portals.

Web project that fully matches your corporate needs to boost productivity as well as profit generation.

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/ day)


Package designed for the state of the art web projects that consist of the most advanced features suited for large corporations, VIP, and other highly complex projects such as high-end ecommerce marketplace, lead management system, intranet, applicant tracking system among more.

The project package includes all of the previous packages, in addition it also includes deep competitor analysis, designing and testing prototypes, performance and security checks.

Cutting edge project developments to gain leverage among your competitors.

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/ day)


Hosting, server + email setup, email accounts setup, domain registration, and lifetime technical support. Responsive (mobile friendly), custom development powered by dynamic CMS, and cross browser compatibility.

Source files is yours to own and there’s no hidden costs such as “annual and maintenance fees”.

Did you know that the average lifespan of a custom web development is at least 3 years and your daily investment is 1095 days divided by total investment?