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The State of Online Privacy – Statistics and Trends

06 Jun 2016

Did you know than more than 64% of global internet users have some degree of concern about their online privacy compared to a year ago. Whereas 68% of internet users believe current laws are not good enough in protecting people’s

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8 Ecommerce Startups Embracing Success In Hong Kong

11 May 2015

Hong Kong is a blend of east and west, that is making it one of the top cosmopolitan cities around the globe. High wealth concentration and fashion consciousness of the HK population give rise to the highest clothing and footwear

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5 Top Reasons Why To Base Your Internet Business In Hong Kong

07 May 2015

According to a report by Borderfree, Hong Kong is experiencing a sharp rise in e-commerce and the reasons include low government restrictions on e businesses and consumers’ knowledge of the western brands (due to extensive traveling). Hong Kong has been

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Internet Usage In Hong Kong – Statistics and Trends

06 Aug 2014

Did you know that the estimated number of internet users in Hong Kong is 5.751 million, with an overall internet penetration rate of 73%? Hong Kong leads other Asian countries in mobile internet usage as well. 96% of smartphone users

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