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How to Create a Conversion Centered Web Design

11 Apr 2017

A healthy business is one that is thriving with customers. Whether it is a brick and mortar business or some online shopping store, all of them are focused on maximizing their profit. A business creates a website either to inform

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Digital News Consumption – Statistics and Trends

08 Feb 2017

Did you know around 25% of advertising revenue from publicly traded newspapers came from Digital and more than nine in 10 men (93%) and women (92%) ages 25-44 who were online engaged with newspaper digital content. Check out our new

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13 Compelling Reasons To Start Business In Hong Kong

06 Dec 2016

While thinking about Hong Kong, things come in mind like a shopping paradise, bespoke tailors, temple street night etc. Beyond that, Hong Kong is a dynamic city with strong growth prospects that is why it is becoming heaven for new

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Global Mobile Payment Industry – Statistics and Trends

24 Nov 2016

Did you know the estimated global mobile payment market is to hit $620 Billion in 2016 and will reach $1,080 Billion by 2019. Check out our infographic on Global Mobile Payment Industry for latest mobile payment statistics and trends including incentive

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Employment in Hong Kong – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

02 Nov 2016

Hong Kong is one of the fastest growing economy in world. Check out our infographic for latest employment statistics in Hong Kong including percentage of Employment distribution in Hong Kong, estimated monthly employment earnings by gender, estimated number of employed

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